Ordinary Food To Excellent Menu For Success

Customer Is Always Right! a Man’s Heart Is through his stomach is always true. an excellent tasty food menu should be the first part of the eatery. Businesses are depend on the customers. Satisfying the customer needs and exceeding expectation is surefire way to fill the cash box. In a Restaurant, there is wide range […]

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Create A Facebook Page To Promote Your Business

Create A Facebook Page | Essential Steps To Promote Your Business Why Facebook Pages? Facebook is most important Social Media Platform for most of the businesses. Especially for B2C, that is Business To Consumer brands. More than 1320000000 ( mind blowing ) number of active users are daily use facebook to discover New things, connect […]

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Mobile Marketing Solution

Mobile Marketing Solution What usually called Mobile Marketing? United Nations study revealed that there is more mobile phone in the world than Toilets. Don’t Laugh! Out of 7 billion ( see billions – not millions ) people more than 6 billion use cell phone for personal, business and other communications. The consumers who has the […]

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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation What The Heck Is Business Marketing Automation? You have or haven’t heard of it for the past few years. Marketing Automation is an all encompassing software process to automate sales, email and other repetitive actions to engage customers with relevant information about your products or services. It will save your time and enhance […]

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Why Inbound Marketing Is A Must For Sellers? The Buyer or Consumer is the centre of attention. Inbound marketing is a tactic used by brands to entice potential customers (let us say strangers) by creating compelling content about a brands products and educating customers via relevant information, search engine optimization to attract traffic […]

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing Why Email Marketing Is Still an ideal Tool To Gain More Customers? Email Marketing is always an ideal customer engagement tool for businesses of all sizes. It is still one of the best customer pulling message platform. Customer Communication made easy. From Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to a lot of software specialists said […]

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Conversion Optimisation

Conversion Optimisation One of the hardest part of selling process is closing a sale. It is a form of art. Implement proper processes to reach a large audience, target them using digital strategy to ATTRACT, ANALYZE, MEASURE DELIGHT and CONVERT and close the deal online or offline.

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Analyse and Retargetting

Analyse and Retargetting What Should we analyse and Why should It Matters? You have a beautiful website to showcase your products to customers to browse and find what they want to buy. But you do not understand what page they are visiting and why they leave after browsing your website without making any purchase. Analytic […]

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